The New Science of Personal Change

The Scientific Beliefs about the Brain have Changed Dramatically

Scientific beliefs have changed

For many years it was believed that the brain was hardwired and fixed and that its growth was fully established by the time we reach adulthood.

Research from neuroscience now shows us this is not true.

We now know that our brains can continually learn, change, and create new neural circuitry throughout our entire lives. The brain’s adaptability and capacity for change is called ‘neuroplasticity’.

However this only happens when we have new thoughts, new perceptions, new belief systems, an increase in positive emotions and new experiences.

If you are always thinking the same things, running the same emotional autopilot reactions patterns and doing the same things your brain doesn’t need to create any new neural networks and you stay the same.


Understanding the brain doesn’t tell you more about your psychology . The old paradigm says thought and really everything non-tanglible about us that makes us the unique individuals that we are—is an emergent property of the brain. But todays leading edge science shows us that our consciousness does not arise from the brain! It is something different, consciousness is an independent state that is a flow of energy and information that connects us to the cosmos.

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Quantum Physics Made us View Ourselves with New Eyes…

In 1920s, science underwent a startling transformation with the rise of quantum physics.  Physicists developed technology that could go beyond the level of solid material things to measure the very tiny realms of nature at the level of atoms and the smaller sub atomic particles.  It also studies energy fields and forces at the most  fundamental levels of the universe.

When scientists began taking apart cells, molecule by molecule, atom by atom, to study them, they discovered that ‘matter’ dissolves into nothingness, for the atoms that make up matter—including your body, a chair, a steel bar—are 99.9999% empty space.

But this nothingness is itself not so empty! It is seething with energy and information. In fact, these invisible vibrating fields of energy and information are actually the blueprints that create physical matter.


Leading edge science shows us this is the level of our minds and consciousness and here we  interact with these energy and information fields influencing the type of life we create.

So What Exactly is The Mind?

Of all the wonders of the world, among the most wondrous is the human mind. The power of the mind is awe-inspiring, we tend to think of its seemingly extraordinary capacities as miraculous.

We have all heard stories about the nearly unbelievable powers of the mind: orchestrating spontaneous remissions of disease through mind-body interactions, directing the body to display Herculean feats of strength in emergencies, marshalling astonishing powers of will and perseverance during extreme hardships, erupting in insights and epiphanies that pop up out of the blue and birthing the new and the novel through displays of creativity and inventiveness.

It’s no surprise then that in those quiet moments when we ponder the meaning of life and of our place in it other than thinking perhaps how nice chocolate tastes and how stunning the sunset is, our ponderings often lead us to those deeper questions like;


What is the mind? What power does my mind and consciousness have?

Frontier science is revealing the extent to which the mind must be thought of as an energy and information field that interpenetrates every cell of the body and spreads out beyond the body to connect to the entire cosmos and everything in it.

Instead of the brain being the commander and chief of the body, science reveals that the mind—our beliefs and perceptions, thoughts and emotions, commands the brain to produce the correlated molecules. It is the mind, working through the brain that organises and coordinates all the metabolic functions necessary for life and survival. To use a musical metaphor, we now have to think of the brain as the piano and the mind as the pianist playing the music throughout the body.

What’s the heart got to do with it?

Most of us think of the heart as a pump that propels blood around the body.  That’s certainly what I was taught in physiology classes at college. This is true, of course, but researchers at the leading edge of science are telling us it is so much more than a mere pump.

When you feel angry, frustrated or stressed, your heart rhythms reflect the state of your being. In this case, they would move away from a smooth, coherent pattern, becoming more erratic and random, like looking at a graph of an earthquake.

This incoherent heart rate pattern causes a release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which reduce the activity of your conscious thinking, higher intelligence and wisdom brain centres.

You may have noticed in the past that when you fly into anger, your ability to solve problems or make wise decisions is diminished. That’s because when you perceive a situation as stressful, your body shunts blood to where it is most needed, which is to the lower, more primitive areas of your brain that put you into a flight-or-fight response.

Head heart body

Interestingly, you can record your heartbeat anywhere on your body. That’s because every time your heart beats, the electromagnetic field it produces permeates every cell, forming a body-wide communication network. Your thoughts and feelings are communicated to every cell of your body via this electromagnetic superhighway.

What’s more, this electromagnetic field doesn’t just radiate throughout your body, but actually streams from you to the outside world, in a 360-degree field that is shaped like a torus (a ring doughnut) and that radiates beyond your physical body so far measured up to 20ft outside of the body.


In contrast, when you experience feelings of appreciation, love, joy and kindness or just simply feeling relaxed and happy your heart goes into a rhythm that is highly ordered and coherent, and your brain’s cortex experiences heightened activity, allowing for more awareness.

This is a state in which you can more easily make wise choices and integrate new, more positive beliefs and thinking patterns. When your heart, brain, thoughts and feelings are all in balance, you have more clarity, wisdom and inner harmony, and even more intuitive awareness. This is a state where it is easier to accept yourself—and to love yourself.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, who wrote the ground-breaking book on health Medicine and Miracles, says, “If I told patients to raise their blood levels of immune globulins or killer T-cells, no one would know how. But if I can teach them to love themselves and others fully, the same change happens automatically. The truth is: Love heals.”

heart field

Scientific evidence has shown that the heart sends emotional and intuitive information signals to the brain and body, and that it can learn, remember, feel and sense. The heart brain interactions are a key part in creating the peak brain state for personal change and accessing more of your potential with The Gamma Mindset Technique.

How Thoughts and Emotions Flow Through Your Body

Your organs and muscular system are encased with a kind of connective tissue called fascia. This connective tissue, when taken as a whole, is the largest organ of your body.

The molecules in this connective tissue network are structured in a highly regular parallel fashion. Molecules that have this type of structure are called ‘crystals’. We tend to think of crystals as hard things like diamonds or quartz, and we do not think of our bodies as having crystalline properties, but they actually do.

When looked at under a microscope, these fascia structures reveal themselves to be soft, flexible liquid crystals, and we know from physics that crystalline structures are  remarkable receivers of energy and information.

This is a crystalline structure connects all parts of the body, making for a system-wide channel of communication. The information it carries is received not only from your cells, hormones and other biochemical substances, but also from your mind—your emotions, thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. It’s why we can say that the mind–body can be thought of not as two separate but connected systems, but as one seamless system.

Our thoughts and feelings are waves of electromagnetic energy and information that permeate each and every cell in our mind–body system via this connective tissue crystalline matrix.

The crystalline  matrix means that quite literally what we think and feel in large measure is what we become, as each of our 50 to 100 trillion cells receives and sends information at lightning speed throughout our mind–body, communicating with all other cells like a vast inner computer network.

You are literally submersed in a vibrational information field of your own thoughts and emotions, and because electromagnetic fields propagate outwards to infinity, your personal energy field is interconnected with the emotional and thought fields of every other person on earth.


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So how do we change?

How do we change

Most people have been conditioned to think of change as difficult and threatening rather than as exciting, liberating and self-affirming. It’s a truism that, as the old saying goes, “the only people who like change are cashiers and wet babies.” But that is the mantra of the old scientific paradigm.

Now that you know about the new scientific paradigm—that everything is made up of energy and information fields that are responsive to new energy and information inputs—you can more easily realise how your current beliefs,  thinking patterns and emotional reactions can be easily and quickly updated.

The new paradigm emerged partly from a modern field of psychology known as ‘energy psychology’. It uses the latest principles of how your mind-body system transfers information and energy.

The Gamma Mindset is a scientifically validated Energy Psychology Technique that is based on the new science of personal change. The Gamma Mindset Technique uses the head, the heart and the body in the change process which creates a unique brain signature that puts your mind and body in a state of coherence. This allows you to make rapid and profound changes to your thinking patterns and emotional reactions and gets all of you moving in the right direction with clarity, confidence and purpose.


So reality sandwich time…

We have moved from the belief in the universe being a great big clockwork machine, with human beings as purely physical individual machines made of physical parts, to a quantum interconnected universe full of energy and information, and where human beings radiate their emotional and mental energy and information out into the world 24 hours a day.

We are literally first and foremost vibrational beings of energy and information encompassed in larger fields of energy.  Our behaviours, then, are directed and determined not  only by our nervous system and the physical and chemical processes that go on within our bodies, but also by the organising activity of the fields of energy and information that underlie and drive these chemical and physical processes.

It is important to recognise that our body is really the product of our thoughts, we are beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of our thoughts and emotions actually determine the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies.

Professor of Physics John Hagelin PhD


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